The Father’s Love

[Author’s Note: This was written for someone very dear to me who never knew the love of his earthly father. If you are a woman reading this, please read boy, man, son as pertaining to you as girl, woman, daughter.]

There is in every man a small boy waiting to emerge into the man God has destined him to be. But, sadly, for many men their soul bears the deep wound of a childhood that knew little or nothing of a father’s love; a wound wrought with pain and rejection and abuse; an unhealed wound which he carries unawares into his adulthood; a wound intensified by a life that has delivered him only more pain – a life wrought with rejection and loss and grief and brokenness.

To this man, and every man, the heavenly Father says, “My son, release yourself from your self-sufficiency to fix yourself and heal your own wounds; this is what I do for you – what My love does for you. All your efforts to be a better man than your own father have been futile attempts because you haven’t fully embraced My love for you. All your efforts to heal your own wounds have been futile because you haven’t lost yourself in My love and allowed yourself to experience how wide and long and high and deep My love is for you. Believing in Me and in My love for you is not enough; you must receive My love and lose yourself in it, for only then will you truly be able to love yourself and then rightly and truly love others as I call My children to do.”

“My son, only I can fix your brokenness and heal you, but I cannot do this if you do not embrace and accept My love. When you do not receive My love, you not only remain broken and unhealed, but you are essentially rejecting Me, for I am Love. Without My love fully residing and alive in you, you cannot be the man you want to be. Every day the forces of evil are waging war over your soul, trying to keep you bound to your past and your wounds because they know that I have created you for so much more than you can even begin to comprehend. But these evil forces will not have the victory because My love for you is more powerful than the most powerful lies Satan and his demons tell you.”

“O My son, open yourself up to receive and experience My love that is unlike any other; a love that is everlasting and never fails; a love that is honest and true and never lies; a love that always protects; a love that fights for you and will never let you go; a love that calls you ‘My beloved son and child’ and never speaks a harsh word to you; a love that is kind and comforts; a love that forgives and is full of mercy.”  

“Lose yourself, My son, in this love of Mine. Embrace it as you have never embraced love before. Cease striving to fix and heal yourself and let My love wash over your wounds as a soothing balm and medicine to your soul. Surrender your need to prove your worth by how well you can fix your life, and need My love as you have never needed anything before. Then, and only then, My son, will the wounded boy in you be the whole and healed man I have destined you to be. Then, and only then, will you be all that I have created you to be – free to live and love in my extravagant love for you.”

“I love you, My son!”


Your Heavenly Father

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